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DTG is a solution-based company and, while we specialize in disinfection, we take pride in the technology aspect of our business. Our innovativeness in providing sustainable solutions for the environmental health of our customer is our priority. DTG has made a global commitment to finding the best solution for everyone. Our goal is to provide a tailored environmental wellness program for each industry and client while providing clean solutions that promote a healthy and sustainable environment. We have spent years developing the best deployment processes and products to cater to our diverse clients' unique needs. Whether it is preventive processes and protocols or mold, air quality, odor or outbreak issues, we have a solution. We also have a support infrastructure including chemists, microbiologists, scientists, and product engineers.

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How we began

Disinfection Technologies Group

DTG was originally started because one of the founders was coaching at a private boy’s high school, where several students acquired staph infections. The protocols that were in place at the time could not control the spread of infection. Traditional methods of cleaning, as well as the products that were being used, were simply not effective. We knew there had to be a better way to combat these infectious pathogens and began to research viable options.

Due to a background in warehousing, we were familiar with fogging large areas. We believed that fogging would allow us to provide maximum coverage, including hard to reach areas, while eliminating or greatly reducing the possibility of human error. After several years of tedious Research and Development, we identified what we believe to be the best application methodology along with the safest and most effective disinfectants and antimicrobials.

The Bio-InvisaCoatTM Process combines the ideal deployment methodology with the ideal product to attain the highest level of efficiency.

Hospital-Grade Safe
Our Proprietary Process

The Bio-InvisaCoat™ Process

This process applies a powerful yet safe EPA Registered, Hospital Grade Disinfectant to all indoor surfaces. Bio-InvisaCoat™ is a revolutionary touchless disinfection process, which is broad reaching in scope, as it can be utilized in nearly any institution or industry.This highly advanced system along with a 100% safe disinfectant oxidizes viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens and odors immediately.

Utilizes Electrostatic Atomization

Provides the highest efficiency, using 80% less product than traditional disinfection methods while attaining greater coverage.

Oxidizes Hidden Odors & Malodors

Our disinfectant contains no masking agents or fragrances and is highly effective at destroying urine & fecal odors.

Requires no wiping or rinsing

It can be safely fogged as an adjunct to cleaning which allows large areas to be disinfected in minutes instead of hours without rinsing.

Important Information

Product Selectivity

DTG's innovative approach to providing the most comprehensive solutions to our clients means we are constantly researching and testing new products to determine which products are best suited to our customer’s needs. For this reason, as well as, new scientific breakthroughs, and emerging infectious diseases, new products may be used in our services and offered to our customers.

Our experience in the field has taught us that our client's needs can differ vastly depending on their environments, their exposures, their use of space, as well as their occupants. We strive to use the most effective products while staying true to our goal of using the safest, least toxic and environmentally safe products.

3rd Party Testing
Certified HVAC
State of the Art
Customized Protocol for each Client
Client Education
Certified Infection Control Specialist
Disinfection Technologies Group

Finding sustainable new technologies to benefit our customers and our world

DTG Technologies

Products & Processes

Our Primary Disinfectant

Our primary Disinfectant is an EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant with an EPA toxicity rating of IV (the lowest/safest rating by the EPA). Our disinfectant has an NSF D-2 rating for use on food contact surfaces without requiring rinsing. It utilizes a Mechanical kill mechanism, disrupting the proteins and disarming the microbe on a molecular level rather than a chemical kill mechanism or poison (typically quaternary type disinfectants).

Antimicrobial Surface Protectant

Our antimicrobial can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces. Once applied it bonds to the surface establishing an invisible microscopic barrier which prevents microbial growth. Water-based product, safe and highly durable.

Photocatalytic Coatings

Our advanced photocatalytic coatings create a self-cleaning surface activated by light and air. They can be applied to nearly any surface, interior or exterior. In addition to reducing bacterial and viral load, and eliminating VOCs, they create an air purifying effect by eliminating pollutants.

Hydro-Disinfection Technology

This process gives us the ability to deploy high pressure heated water and disinfectant onto structures to remove level contaminant and disinfect the surface in a timely manner.

HVAC Certified Specialists

Your HVAC system acts as the "highway" for dangerous bacteria, virus, allergens and mold. Our HVAC specialists use top of the line testing equipment to evaluate your system, provide full scale cleaning of your system if needed and can also provide our ASHRAE approved Hospital Grade Containment filters.

Bio-Remedial Products

DTG has a full line of Bio-Remedial products utilizing naturally occurring, non-pathogenic bacteria to reduce contamination. Safe, Environmentally Enhancing and effective.