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Nationwide and International Service

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Our E.P.V. (Educate, Protect, Validate) Program

A Solution-Based Company

Working with DTG

We are committed to providing customers with the best solutions to solve their problems. Whether dealing with an outbreak issue, mold, indoor air quality, odor, or providing best practices to maintain a safe environment, DTG has efficient, cost-effective solutions. Our expertise is based on years of experience in providing our clients with lasting protection, protocols and products to ensure their health and safety.

Educate ...

  • Ourselves so we can understand the issues our clients are facing, what their current disinfection protocols are, and how we can improve their overall safety by introducing new technologies

  • Our staff so they have the knowledge to identify client needs, and the ability to develop procedures that will safely solve any problem a client may be battling

  • ​The client so they know how to maintain the proper standards for medical disinfection and protection

Protect ...

  • Our ultimate goal is to keep our clients, their employees, guests, families, and friends protected from harmful virus, bacteria, mold, and more

  • The technologies we utilize will provide lasting protection against these harmful microbial contaminants

  • ​The process of proper mechanical disinfection will remove malodors from the environment


  • Utilize in-house testing to validate our process

  • Offer and recommend third-party testing to verify results

  • Provide certification of medical disinfection and extended efficacy

DTG Professional disinfecting an office
Our Residential Services

Solutions for Healthy Environments - Condos, Rentals, Apartments, Homes & More

Do you have stale, musty odor in your home? Maybe you are trying to sell or lease a space and the odor is turning potential clients away? Odors are indicative of a problem. You can try to mask them with fragrances, odor products, or air fresheners, but until you get to the root of the problem they will persist. DTG understands the science of smell! We can evaluate your living space and determine the source of the odor. Our treatment will kill the offending organism, which is typically a bacteria or mold. We will determine your needs and provide you with solutions and proper protocols to maintain a healthy environment long after DTG has finished. Our products and processes are safe and effective and our highly trained staff are equipped with state-of-the art equipment to make your home environment healthy.

Our Commercial Services

Air Quality affects Productivity

Our ability to treat large areas quickly, effectively, and in a non-intrusive manner will allow your business to continue to operate at its highest level. DTG's use of safe, non-hazardous products can provide a healthy, safe environment for your employees and customers.