Disinfection Technologies Group and REair Global
Self-cleaning, air-purifying coatings activated by light and air.
100% GREEN
  • Creates a self-cleaning surface
  • Reduces bacterial and viral load
  • Accelerates the elimination of toxic pollutants
  • Eliminates bad odors and VOCs
  • Eliminates mold
  • Disinfection Technologies Group and REair Global form a strategic partnership

    DTG and REair Global have partnered to bring advanced Photocatalytic coatings to our market. These intelligent coatings have a multitude of benefits simply by accelerating a natural process called photocatalysis.

    What is Photocatalysis?

    Photocatalysis is an acceleration of a reaction occurring when a light source interacts with the surface of a material in the presence of a catalyst, generating a strong oxidative process. The catalyst utilized in our coatings is Titanium Dioxide, a safe, widely used and FDA approved mineral. As long as we have light and a minimum percentage of humidity in the air, the photocatalytic action delivered by our coatings will continue for months to proactively decompose bacteria, virus, mold, fungi and other pathogens.


    Our photocatalytic coatings can be applied to nearly any surface, both interior and exterior. Our coatings are 100% green with no chemicals added. Though the benefits are far-reaching, a sampling is listed below:

    • Significant reduction in building maintenance costs
    • Creates a self-cleaning surface
    • Drastic reduction in toxic pollutants resulting in Air purification
    • Reduces bacterial and viral load
    • Eliminates mold
    • Eliminates VOCs and odors
    • Long-lasting, 100% Green technology
    • FDA Approved and UL Greenguard Gold Certification